Henry Gabor

"Stopping dangerous weapons from getting into the hands of foolish people is just as important as stopping the repulsion illness. Life is precious, no matter how we protect it."

Age: 40
Birthday: December 23
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 180 lbs
Blood Type: A
Tarot: The Emperor
Dyna Rank: S-Rank (A with limiter)


Henry Gabor is a full-time detective with DANDY, and is also the head of the Repulsion Illness unit. That also makes him Jeremy and Mandy's supervisor. He cares deeply for his family and his charges, but ever since his wife lost her Dyna, he has become a workaholic. Despite realizing he has a problem, he still presses on with his work. Lately he's having a mid-life crisis, trying desperately to make things right by finding a cure to the Repulsion Illness.


Gabor's Dyna is a S-Rank normally, and an A-Rank with a Dyna limiter on. He has the ability to see images of the past and the future just by following a train or thought, or listening to people talk about an event. In these visions he can hear what people say clearly and can see them clearly. Gabor calls these images flashes, since they seem like clear memories when he experiences them. Even with his Dyna limiter, having a flash can cause him to have a headache, depending on the length of the flash. What his Dyna limiter mostly does for him is allow him to control how often he has his flashes. His flashes of the past are always correct, however since the future is an ever-changing thing, those flashes do not always come true. His ability is extremely handy as a detective, although he consumes copious amounts of caffeine to deal with his headaches.

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