Olivia "Livi" Gabor

"He stood up and fought for what he believed in! Isn't that an admirable trait?"

Age: 15
Birthday: September 5
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 101 lbs
Blood Type: A
Tarot: The Wheel of Fortune
Dyna Rank: B


Mandy's outspoken twin sister. Because everyone around her is preoccupied with someone or something else, lonely Livi is treated as a third wheel at best. She has a hard time fitting in Celestial, a fact that drives her to do the unthinkable...


Livi's Dyna manifests as an white, full-grown African elephant with big pink bows around her ears, named Ellie. Normally Ellie is only visible and audible to Livi, but when Livi manifests her in the physical plane, she can be seen and heard by all. Ellie's best ability is the ability to heal most wounds by touching them with her trunk, or easing someone's pain by touching the troubled area. Unfortunately, she is not able to cure a life-threatening illness or a mortal wound. She is also able to create pink barriers and, if all else fails, run over things or whack objects with her trunk.

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