DANDY is an acronym which stands for Defense Against Negative DYnamism. DANDY exists as the law and police force of Geminate, as Geminate is under a state of martial law.

DANDY cadets are known as LIONS (Law Intern Officer Neo Service).


A dyna is a person's special power. When a baby is born inside of Geminate, the rate of possessing a dyna is 100% due to Geminate lying directly on a vat of magical energy. The rate of possessing a dyna is 50% if the baby is born outside of Geminate. The dyna forms as the baby is in an embryonic state. Some dynas are in a complete state and manifest directly at birth, others take longer to form into a complete state. The average age of a dyna forming into a complete state is 9.

A dyna's power is unique to the indivudual. Even two dynas of the same ability will differ from person to person. Most dynas reflect the wielder's personality. dyna power levels generally stay the same throughout the course of a person's life.

Dynas rank from A-D, A being the highest and D being the lowest. The chance rate of possessing a certain rank is as follows:

D-Rank: 9%
C-Rank: 60%
B-Rank: 30%
A-Rank: 1% (15,000 of Geminate City's population possesses an A-Rank dyna)

Within the walls of DANDY's confines, rumors exist of a dyna rank so powerful, the user is unable to control his or her own power...


The haywire status is the only known symptom of the Repulsion Illness. The symptoms are:

The duration of a haywire varies from battle to battle. Due to the excessive amount of adrenaline, it is futile to try knocking out a haywire immediately. The only hope is to exhaust the haywire until the haywire has tired out enough to get knocked out, or has passed out.

Repulsion Illness

The Repulsion Illness is an unexplained disease that has been around for the past five years. No one, not even DANDY, knows the cause of the illness. The only symptom is a state of berserker rage called a haywire. After a person calms down through force, the haywire will lose his or her dyna without fail.